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A quantum leap into Asia

A quantum leap into Asia

We’re delighted that two new quantum technology clients – Quantum Science and Crypto Quantique – have just appointed us to drive their growth in Asia.

London-based Crypto Quantique enables super-secure communications at chip level, while Quantum Science helps image sensors to detect extremely small objects in poor light conditions – crucial for autonomous vehicles and machine vision.

Both are part of a growing body of cutting-edge startups looking to harness nature’s ‘quantum’ properties – many of which break the traditional Newtonian rules of physics. And we’re talking to several more firms in related areas that are focused on international growth.

Anyone close to the space will be familiar with exotic-sounding terms like ‘quantum tunnelling’ (used by Crypto Quantique), ‘quantum entanglement’ and ‘quantum superposition’ – a phenomenon which only exists if you don’t actually try to observe it …

But these properties are very real, as are the commercial applications across multiple fields including semiconductors and optics – and many of the leading global players are based in Asia.

Dr Hao Pang, CEO of Cheshire-based Quantum Science, said: “Our ‘quantum dots’ enable smartphones, automobiles, robots, and electronics to ‘see’ infrared light while significantly reducing costs and board space. Japan, as a world leader in sensors, optical components and cameras, is a key market for us in which to develop commercial opportunities.”

Stewart Randall, the Shanghai-based Head of our Electronics Practice, who’s been following quantum developments in the region, explained: “There’s a lot of action in the space, particularly in quantum computing – which will enable us to solve in minutes highly complex problems that would take today’s supercomputers hundreds of years to figure out.

“Near-term commercial applications include drug discovery and the development of advanced materials for EV batteries. And Asia, as a leader in these fields, has a serious vested interest.”

The flip side of quantum computing will be the ability easily to decipher encrypted communications which today are considered secure. This has led to a race to develop and deploy tools to counter this threat – so-called ‘post-quantum cryptography’. The need exists globally, but is nowhere more vital than for the large Asian financial, infrastructure and mobility players.

To take full advantage of the opportunities in the region, however, startups and scaleups are acutely aware of the need for local ‘boots on the ground’.

Shahram Mossayebi, CEO of Crypto Quantique, said: “We’re collaborating with several global semiconductor companies, many of them headquartered in the APAC region. But we know that to engage these firms properly and secure meaningful commercial partnerships, we need a presence on the ground steeped in the local language, culture, and network. That’s why we engaged Intralink.”

So, a combination of huge investment in the quantum space and intense interest from Asian corporations means we’re going to be busy over the coming years.  But for now, we’ll focus on the immediate term and look forward to helping Crypto Quantique and Quantum Science to secure a solid foothold in the region.

To discuss the opportunities for your business in East Asia, contact Alex Gover on

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