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Japanese Corporate Innovation in Europe - free report

Japanese Corporate Innovation in Europe - free report

Wondering how to break into the Japanese market? Chances are, big Japanese corporates are already looking for your technology — and, in collaboration with the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), we have just completed a report that explains why.

The report explores the significant opportunities for European tech firms to collaborate with the growing number of Japanese companies based in Europe.  These companies are seeking to work with European innovators through 'open innovation' programmes to find solutions and technologies for a host of new challenges — from the shift to digital living, to the emergence of new competitors, and the ever-growing threat of climate change. And like companies the world over, Japanese corporates cannot depend solely on their internal R&D capabilities to adapt to these changes and thrive.

The report highlights the sectors in which the greatest opportunities lie. It presents success stories of Japanese-European collaboration. And it provides a directory of 50 distinguished Japanese companies that are seeking new technologies and keen to collaborate with innovative European startups.

To find out more about the increasing presence of Japanese corporates in Europe and the opportunities for your business, download your free copy of the JETRO report here, or by clicking on the report image below.

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