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We’ve glided our way to a Swan Award!

We’ve glided our way to a Swan Award!

We’re honoured to have been given a Swan Award by investor Simon Bragg – for outstanding business results in 2021.

Simon is an investor in Intralink and many other high-potential companies. He presents a Swan Award each year to the business within his portfolio which has demonstrated exceptional innovation and results over the previous 12 months.

In 2020, he presented the Award to VC firm Isomer Capital for its decisive approach, at the outbreak of COVID, in helping its funds and companies to adapt – an approach that has since led many to achieve IPOs or unicorn status.

Simon (left) presenting the Award to our CEO, Greg Sutch.

Simon explains: “The swan’s beauty and grace in gliding across the water are said to belie its strenuous efforts in paddling beneath! The last two years have been immensely tough for everyone, and our Award recognises the teams that have stepped up to the challenge with remarkable results.

“2021 has been incredible for Intralink and the many companies it’s helped to expand. To address the pandemic’s travel restrictions, the firm moved its business seamlessly online and achieved even more deals in Asia for its clients than ever. On top of that, the company continued its own expansion, opening new offices in Tel Aviv, Beijing and Singapore. With business performance and client deals like that, despite all the odds, Intralink was the clear winner for 2021.”

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