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Korean growth for US robotics innovator DreamVu – following deals with five major customers

Korean growth for US robotics innovator DreamVu – following deals with five major customers

It’s wonderful to see our US robotics vision client DreamVu progress from the business development programme we’ve been running in Korea – with five new customers secured.

DreamVu is a Philadelphia-based scaleup pioneering omnidirectional 3D vision systems for automated guided vehicles (AGVs), autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), ‘cobots’ and disinfection robots.

Two years ago, the company identified South Korea as a vital expansion market – and we agreed there’s a huge opportunity to sell its systems to the country’s robotics manufacturers.

Robotics is a booming field in Korea. The country has the world’s highest density of industrial robots, at 855 per 10,000 workers and growing. The government is supporting the sector through funding and deregulation. And Korea’s rapidly expanding ecommerce sector has spawned massive fulfilment centres with insatiable appetites for automation.

Our Seoul-based industrial sector specialists have been running a sales programme for DreamVu since early 2021 to capitalise on this growth, engaging Korea’s biggest players in AGVs, AMRs, cobotics and disinfection robotics.

As a result, we’ve secured sales deals for DreamVu with:

  • home appliance giant LG Electronics
  • smart factory specialist ThiRA-UTECH
  • advanced logistics firm Hills Engineering
  • the Korean branch of Japanese industrial automation company Omron, and
  • the R&D arm of a Korean Internet conglomerate

We’re glad DreamVu’s business in Korea has now reached a point of maturity where it can take the lead in building on these commercial successes, engaging a broad range of customers to drive the business forward.

Rajat Aggarwal, DreamVu’s CEO, said: “With its rapidly expanding robotics sector, South Korea is a valuable growth market for our business. Intralink provided us with a proactive business development team in the country and they hit the ground running.

“They quickly grasped our technology, had access to the right companies and brought our solution to their technical and commercial decision-makers. Now we’ve had this initial commercial success, we’re in a great position to continue to expand.”

We wish DreamVu great success with its continued growth in Korea. We’ll be watching closely!

You can find out more about DreamVu from its website.


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