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New Aerospace & Defence Practice to help western firms expand in Asia

New Aerospace & Defence Practice to help western firms expand in Asia

We’ve formalised a specialist Aerospace & Defence Practice to help western tech firms target the considerable opportunities in this sector in Asia – and appointed Seoul-based Soyeon Kim as head of the group.

We’ve also authored a market intelligence report on South Korea’s space sector for the UK’s Department for International Trade, which is now free to download from our website.

Asian countries are strengthening their space, defence and aerospace industries to enhance their security in the face of geopolitical tensions and to boost their exports – with South Korea and Japan amongst the world’s top investors in these fields.

They’re bolstering their military systems, implementing 5G networks, pioneering satellite communications and more. And these programmes require the best technologies available internationally – presenting big opportunities for North American and European innovators.

Asian companies are looking, in particular, for advanced sensors, drones, radar, lidar, materials, cameras, analysis tools and software management systems.

Our new practice pulls together our specialists in this sector from across our worldwide offices to help western tech firms expand in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

About Soyeon Kim

Soyeon_Edited_cropped.jpgSoyeon Kim, Head of the new Aerospace & Defence Practice, is part of our Seoul operation and has advised many western aerospace and defence companies on Asia expansion.

She’s secured deals for clients in Korea with corporations including Hanwha and LIG Nex1, as well as system integrators and government bodies.

Before joining Intralink, Soyeon worked for Israel Aerospace Industries, promoting its state-of-the-art defence systems in Asia. Born and raised in Korea, she has a degree in Global Studies & Political Science from Pusan National University and is studying for a Masters in Defence Strategy at Korea National Defence University.

Soyeon commented: “The core Asian markets have ambitious space and defence plans but don’t have all the technologies they need domestically, so are extremely keen to work with innovative western tech firms.

“This is opening huge opportunities – although they’re not always simple to target. Asian defence and aerospace companies are guarded by nature and their structures aren’t easy to navigate. But, having completed many projects in the field, we have deep connections in these companies, we understand how they work and we know what they’re looking for.” 

See Soyeon’s recent blog post about the immediate prospects for western firms arising from the Korea Positioning System (KPS) satellite project.

Korean space sector report – free to download

We’ve also just published the market intelligence report our Seoul team has developed for the UK’s Department for International Trade on South Korea’s space sector.

This in-depth study gives an overview of the country’s space sector and explains the government’s strategy and regulatory environment. It pinpoints the fastest growing sub-sectors and the hottest business opportunities.

You can download your free copy by clicking the image below:


Our new Aerospace & Defence Practice sits alongside our teams specialising in other high-growth Asian tech sectors including automotive, healthcare, energy, digital media, software and electronics.

Find out more about our Aerospace & Defence Practice from our website here.

To discuss the prospects for your business in Asia’s space, defence or aerospace fields, you can contact Soyeon at

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