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Israeli 4D imaging firm expands in China

Israeli 4D imaging firm expands in China

We’re starting a long-term sales programme in China for 4D sensing pioneer Vayyar – one of Israel’s fastest-growing and most innovative tech firms.

Founded by veterans of the radar industry and backed by $188 million of venture-funding, Vayyar specialises in state-of-the-art sensors that enable high-resolution 4D imaging. 

Originally developed to detect early stage breast cancer, its sensors can monitor entire rooms and buildings, track people, detect falls and more – without the need for cameras. In addition to monitoring applications, they can be used for vehicle automation, security and signal testing.

Elderly care, smart buildings and autonomous driving are all rapidly developing in China – and Vayyar’s sensors provide innovative solutions for these markets.

Vayyar has already been working with OEMs and system integrators across a range of industries in China. It’s now working with us to expand its initial growth in the country, and to establish a China-based team to scale its business rapidly. 

The programme will be driven from our Shanghai office and will target multiple sectors including healthcare, retail and automotive. To deliver this, we’ve pulled together a multi-disciplinary team including our specialists in semiconductors, embedded software, healthcare, smart homes and connected cars.

Our four-point plan includes:

  1. Helping to manage Vayyar’s on-going discussions with its Chinese partners, since its management team is unable to travel to China because of COVID-19 restrictions
  2. Advising on how to target priority sectors, tapping into our customer connections to generate a new flow of deals 
  3. Registering new distributors and system integrator partners
  4. Creating strong foundations for Vayyar to establish its own Chinese operation in the future

Noga Barpal from Vayyar’s Business Development team says: “For the last 30 years, Intralink has been a pioneer in helping businesses expand globally. By establishing a China-based team of experts, we’ll be able to drive our scale-up strategy forward to keep people healthy and safe in their homes, cars, offices, public spaces and beyond.” 

We’re greatly looking forward to working with the Vayyar team and helping to grow its business in China. 

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