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Taiwan sees resurgence as we expand our Taipei team

Taiwan sees resurgence as we expand our Taipei team

Taiwan is seeing a sharp resurgence as a growth market for western companies – and we’re expanding our Taipei team.

The territory is attracting considerable interest as an alternative Asian market given the China-US trade conflict and broader China-west tensions. At the same time, many western firms are now regarding it as a better business base than Hong Kong.

Taiwan is a highly international, democratic commercial environment with strong governance and IP protection in place. It’s done an exemplary job in addressing the disruption of COVID-19. And it’s a great regional location from which international companies can trade with China, Japan, South Korea and the rest of Asia.

Many of Taiwan’s tech sectors are also growing fast – semiconductors, in particular.

To meet the increased global interest in the market, we’ve just welcomed Sam Leng to our Taipei office.

Originally from Taiwan, Sam has spent his career to-date working across Taiwan and the UK and was previously Science & Innovation Analyst for the British Trade & Cultural Office in Taipei, conducting market analysis and managing inbound investment missions.

Sam will now be helping our western clients grow their business in Taiwan, as well as attracting Taiwanese investment into western countries.

If you’d like to discuss the potential for your business in Taiwan, please contact Alex Gover at

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