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Intralink drives Korean expansion of US AI firm Sentient Technologies

Intralink drives Korean expansion of US AI firm Sentient Technologies

We’re pleased to have been appointed by Sentient Technologies — the US-headquartered artificial intelligence company — to grow its business in Korea. Sentient is a world leader in evolutionary computation and neuroevolution, two key fields of artificial intelligence, and uses these technologies alongside deep learning and other AI domains to deliver transformative products.

Our focus is on Sentient Technologies’ (2019 update: now called Evolv) Ascend product, which uses evolutionary artificial intelligence to automate and accelerate the testing of dozens of ideas for improving web site or advertising campaign landing page performance. 

Ascend rapidly searches for the top performing design from what might be thousands or millions of potential combinations. A far faster and more effective alternative to traditional ‘A/B’ and multivariate testing, Ascend can drive customer conversions up to 40% higher for any company doing significant business digitally, whether in e-commerce, travel, financial services, performance marketing or other sectors. 

As part of its global expansion programme, Sentient has asked us to handle its launch and expansion in Korea as one of the world’s most advanced digital markets: its $37 billion in annual online sales places the country sixth globally. 

We initially undertook a market analysis for Sentient and, having identified a wealth of opportunities, are now working on Sentient’s behalf to sell Ascend to major brands and ecommerce companies in Korea.  

Our work for Sentient builds on our track record with marketing and ‘ad tech’ firms and with companies deploying AI-based technologies — including DataXu, StrikeSocial, Datorama, Maluuba and Mnubo. 

Jonathan Epstein, Sentient’s Senior Vice President of International, says: “Korea is a vital market for us and we need the right expertise to accelerate our market launch of Ascend in the region. We appointed Intralink because of its long track record of launching disruptive, revenue generating technology products into Asian markets, and its ability to reach into key prospects and partners at the highest levels. 

“With Intralink’s powerful brand recognition and strong customer relationships we are on the right trajectory for significant growth in Korea.”

For more on Sentient Ascend, see

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