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New Israeli office to help tech startups succeed in Asia

New Israeli office to help tech startups succeed in Asia

We’ve opened an office in Israel to help the country’s tech firms expand in East Asia – and appointed Eran Eizik as Country Manager.

Our decision to establish a permanent base in Israel is a response to the growing number of Israeli firms we’re helping to succeed in China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan – including automotive tech firm, 4D imaging pioneer Vayyar and adtech firm GeoEdge.

It underlines the huge opportunity we see for many more Israeli companies in East Asia, particularly in the country’s fast-growing automotive, cybertech, AI, fintech, IOT, telecoms and life science fields.

Israel is also of particular interest to our Asian corporate clients who are looking to connect and collaborate with cutting-edge technology startups from around the world.

It has a vibrant entrepreneurial scene with around 10,000 startups, a thousand new companies forming every year, and a thriving community of investors, VCs, accelerators and incubators.

A record USD $10 billion was invested in Israeli tech companies in 2020 – similar to the sum invested across the whole of Europe. And this has soared even further since the beginning of this year, with more than $5 billion invested in the first quarter alone.

Our new base is near Tel Aviv, within easy reach of the country’s major business hubs of Raanana, Herzliya,  Haifa and Jerusalem.


Eran Eizik joins us to lead our presence in the country. He brings 25 years’ experience of driving companies’ international growth, having supported 150 businesses ranging from multinationals to startups.

Eran says: “Israeli companies seeking international growth often look first to the US or Europe because these markets feel more familiar, and they may have experience there. But this isn’t the best strategy for every company. East Asia – with three of the world’s top 10 economies and many world-beating companies – holds enormous potential for Israeli tech firms. These are complex markets for firms with no track record there, but Intralink has specialists on the ground in Asia to make it fast and easy to secure your first deals and get a strong foothold in the region.”

Our latest base joins our offices in Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul, Taipei, London, Oxford, Paris, Poznan, Boston, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley.

It means we now have experienced staff in the Middle East as well as Europe and North America who can support the growth of companies in East Asia.

If you’re an Israeli firm interested in discussing your prospects in East Asia, you can contact Eran at or on +972-528-528-582.

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