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Fundraise for Tabletochki Charity Foundation

This week, our China office is initiating a fundraiser tha aims to support the continuous treatment of children with cancer in Ukraine by providing funds for medical supplies and additional support services – provided by the Tabletochki Charity Foundation in Kyiv. All proceeds of this fundraise will go to the Tabletochki Charity Foundation in Kyiv, Ukraine's largest children cancer charity.

In addition to this, 17 individuals from our office have challenged themselves to cover a combine distance of 500km through running, cycling, swimming or rowing, with the hope of raising additional support and raising awareness among our network.

The cause

As war rages in Ukraine, children with cancer undergoing chemotherapy and heavy treatment in hospitals now face a double dose of horror, pain and stress. Most children are now being treated in damp, mouldy hospital basements, which also act as bomb shelters.

On top of that, medical supplies are running low. At Kyiv Regional Oncology Center, some young cancer patients were suffering from such low blood counts - and supplies were so short - that doctors were forced to do blood transfusions from parents to children. 

Despite the situation being absolutely dire, evacuating the sick children to a medical centre in Lviv, western Ukraine, where there are more supplies of medicine and the conditions are safer, is extremely difficult for doctors. Doctors are fearful that children could be killed if they do evacuate them.

To donate:

To find out more the Tabletochki Charity Foundation:


Alex Barton
About the Author

Alex Barton

Alex leads our Greater China and Southeast Asia operations, overseeing our teams on the ground which help our clients expand in these markets. Originally from the UK and raised in Belgium, Alex has lived and worked in China for more than 10 years and is a fluent Mandarin speaker. He has a BA in Chinese studies, an MA in international business and an MBA.

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