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UK space, environment, materials & battery tech firms selected for Government support in Japan

UK space, environment, materials & battery tech firms selected for Government support in Japan

We've selected four innovative UK tech companies to receive Government support from the UK-APAC Tech Growth Programme to accelerate their plans for expansion in Japan. The companies offer a range of technologies identified as of interest to Japanese corporations. They include the developer of a ‘space situational awareness’ system to tackle the increasing problem of satellite congestion and the provider of a ‘nature intelligence platform’ to help organisations manage their use of natural resources.

Each of the companies we've selected will benefit from a 10-week, subsidised business development initiative in Japan. As part of this, our Tokyo team will carry out detailed research into each company’s potential in the country, as well as engage potential Japanese customers and partners, facilitate meetings to kick-start commercial discussions and develop a follow-on strategy to build on the exercise.

The companies chosen are:

Spaceflux – the London-based developer of a proprietary global network of optical sensors that provide data-driven ‘space situational awareness services’ to help space companies avoid orbital congestion and protect their satellites from the increasing volume of space debris.

Natcap – a company spawned out of Oxford University that provides a ‘nature intelligence platform’ to help companies measure and manage their interactions with nature.

Brill Power – an Oxford-based developer of an innovative ‘battery intelligence platform’ that combines hardware, software and analytics to increase battery lifespan, predictability, flexibility and sustainability while reducing waste. 

Accelerated Materials – a Cambridge University spin-off which uncovers new, advanced materials to enhance product development and uses automation and AI to optimise manufacturing processes.

Sebastian Leape, CEO of Natcap, said: “Japan has emerged as a global leader in reporting on nature-related issues in its operations and supply chains.  This is an important first step in moving towards a ‘nature positive’ future in which we address the full range of sustainability crises we face.

“Natcap is proud to be serving leading Japanese companies looking to measure nature-related risk and, through the support being provided to us by the UK-APAC Tech Growth Programme, we hope to bring our solution to an even wider range of Japanese companies.”

Brill Power’s Chief Commercial Officer, Peter Freedman, added: “Our battery management system increases battery lifetime by up to 60%, a benefit which is particularly attractive to the energy storage and electric vehicle sectors. These are key industries in Japan, so we’re delighted to have been selected for support from the UK-APAC Tech Growth Programme.

“While there’s interest in our technology in Japan, entering the country is still a challenging prospect. So, the research and contact building the programme team is carrying out on the ground is invaluable in helping us to prepare for this exciting next stage in our development.”

Gavin Cleary, who heads the UK-APAC Tech Growth Programme, said: “Japan offers huge opportunities for UK innovations – and the latest four companies to join our programme stood out as having particularly suitable technologies.  The range of services we provide is designed to help them realise their potential in Japan and the wider APAC region and we’re happy to have them on board.”

The UK-APAC Tech Growth Programme provides support for UK firms to expand in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. Our teams on the ground in Asia Pacific can identify participants’ business opportunities, provide market entry advice and help them sell their products, forge partnerships and raise investment.

The programme – backed jointly by the UK Government’s Department for Business & Trade and Department for Science, Innovation & Technology – is aimed at scaleups throughout the UK with significant international growth potential.

For more information and to apply to join the UK-APAC Tech Growth Programme, visit

You can also contact our Programme Manager, Tom Miller, at

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