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Market intelligence report: Korean hydrogen economy

Market intelligence report: Korean hydrogen economy

Our team in Seoul has just finalised a market intelligence report on South Korea’s hydrogen economy – for our clients the Innovation Centre Denmark Seoul and the Embassy of Denmark in Korea. It’s free for you to download below.

The country’s government has committed to achieving net zero by 2050 in the Korean Green New Deal, which focuses on renewable energy and green infrastructure and will unleash a transition to hydrogen.

As the report outlines, South Korea’s hydrogen sector will almost double to be worth €20.7 billion by 2030, with growth driven by investment from players including Hyundai, POSCO, Doosan and other conglomerates.

Containing a wealth of information on the country’s hydrogen sector and the areas of greatest opportunity, this report will be of interest to Danish companies and other western firms in the field with international expansion in mind.

You can download it for free here, or by clicking on the report image below. 

To discuss the opportunities for your hydrogen tech business in South Korea, contact Alex Gover at 

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