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Missouri Governor and First Lady visit Korea to Bolster Economic Cooperation

Missouri Governor and First Lady visit Korea to Bolster Economic Cooperation

Governor Eric Greitens and the First Lady spent three intensive days in Seoul during their first international trip on September 28-30. Choosing Korea as their first overseas destination was not at all accidental as, besides strong historical ties dating back to the Korean War, Korea has grown to become the State of Missouri (MO)’s key strategic trade partner - second only to China. 

The Governor met with Korea’s Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon, Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-hwa, and Vice Minister Choi Su-gyu of the Ministry of Small & Medium Enterprises and Start-Ups. The discussions centred around developing more support mechanisms for Missouri companies to enter the Korean market and for Korean companies to invest and expand in the State of Missouri. To this end, Governor Greitens and Vice Minister Choi signed a Memorandum of Understanding of Friday, September 29th.

The State of Missouri, OCO Global and Intralink have been working together in Korea since 2014. Intralink is providing continuous support to MO businesses who wish to enter the Korean market, as well as working with Korean companies to attract FDI into the State of Missouri. Intralink was also instrumental in organising and carrying out the Governor’s visit.

Joseph Lenox, Intralink Korea’s Operations Director, said: “Over the last three years we’ve seen more and more interest in MO-made products and services in Korea, and have been guiding MO companies in how to take best advantage of the Korea – US FTA which was finalized in 2012. We have conducted tailored market-entry initiatives and advised nearly a 100 MO companies, and many of them now have their products on shelves in Korean stores. On the flip side, MO also has a fantastic infrastructure for Korean companies to set up offices and build factories – something that we’re making sure Korean multinationals are well aware of”. He added that: “Governor Greitens’ visit marks a new chapter. It reiterates how strategically important Korea is to MO, and vice versa, and it will inevitably translate into more opportunities for business. Intralink will continue to support MO in these efforts.”

Further to the economic cooperation agenda, the delegation also met with the Korean branch of the University of Missouri alumni association, laid a wreath at the Korean War Memorial in honour of the joint forces who fought for the peninsula’s freedom, and visited the DMZ to speak with American troops tasked with its protection.

Joseph Lenox is Intralink Korea’s Operations Director and the Director of the State of Missouri Korea Office of International Trade & Investment, operating under the State of Missouri Department of Economic Development.

OCO Global, headquartered in Belfast, is a provider of economic development solutions for the public sector, specialising in trade and investment.

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