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Korean partnership for Australian biotech client pioneers life-saving vaccination

Korean partnership for Australian biotech client pioneers life-saving vaccination

It’s rewarding to see the collaboration taking off between our Australia-based biotech client Vaxxas and Korea’s SK bioscience – to pioneer a life-saving vaccination.

Backed by a US$3.6 million Wellcome grant, Vaxxas and SK bioscience, a global leader in vaccine development, are developing what could become the world’s first patch-delivered typhoid vaccination.

SK bioscience's proprietary vaccine will be reformulated to coat the thousands of microprojections covering Vaxxas’ innovative vaccine patches, so it can be delivered to the abundant immune cells just below the skin’s surface.

The Vaxxas technology has the potential to reduce vaccine ‘cold-chain’ requirements and simplify administration – including enabling self-administration – which could increase global access to the vaccine.

With an estimated nine million cases of the life-threatening typhoid infection globally every year, this initiative could make a significant difference to many, particularly those in lower to middle income countries.

Well done to our team in Seoul for supporting Vaxxas in this collaboration. We look forward to following the progress of the needle-free typhoid vaccine into clinical trials in the near future.


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