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Valuenex goes public on Tokyo Stock Exchange

Valuenex goes public on Tokyo Stock Exchange
  1. Japanese predictive analytics firm Valuenex Japan, Inc. has listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The company, whose software uses AI to provide deep, precise and highly visualised insight into big data, works with clients in the IT, banking and other sectors to research and develop future R&D and product strategies.
  • In a statement following the IPO, Valuenex CEO Tatsuo Nakamura said, “In the future, we will continue to create knowledge and new value from the flood of global information with a mission to provide reliability, accuracy, objectivity, optimality, and a bird’s-eye view. We aim to be a company recognized worldwide, thinking and acting on our own and providing value to everyone seeking insight and new knowledge.”

Intralink CEO Greg Sutch said, “I’m delighted for our client Valuenex. The IPO opens a new chapter in the company’s highly successful story and is an important next step in bolstering its international market expansion plans. Congratulations!”

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