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Korean market intelligence reports now available

Korean market intelligence reports now available

Our team in Seoul has been busy analysing South Korea’s fastest-growing sectors, producing a series of in-depth market intelligence reports for the UK Government’s Department for International Trade (DIT). 

We’ve now made these free to download from a new section on our website called Published Reports.

The reports highlight how South Korea is embracing the ‘fourth industrial revolution.’ But, while the country is strong in hardware and automation — with the world’s highest robot density — it’s weaker in developing software applications for collecting, analysing and using data. This presents huge opportunities for international firms specialising in these fields.

In our new Published Reports web section, you’ll find — hot off the press — a report we’ve just completed on South Korea’s digital health sector, which is expected to reach £4.4bn in value by 2020. 

The Korean government is driving the commercialisation of smart healthcare products and services, but the market lags the world’s leading nations because of historic underinvestment – presenting significant opportunities for western companies with the right technologies.

The DIT is officially launching this report in the near future, but you can download a copy now from our website.

In addition, you can obtain our market intelligence reports on the opportunities and challenges in South Korea in:

  • Connected & Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) 
  • smart cities 
  • ecommerce
  • artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • data analytics
  • information security

We’ve also made available two reports we recently compiled for the Swiss Business Hub Japan on opportunities in the AI and medtech fields (the AI report is free but Swiss Global Enterprise makes a charge to download the medtech one).

And we’re analysing South Korea’s fintech sector and will add this report to the site when we complete it later this autumn. 

We hope you find these reports interesting and useful. 

If you’d like further advice on expanding in any of these fields in South Korea or Japan, please get in touch with Michal Waszkiewicz at or +44 (0)1235 528249.

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