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Multimillion Euro Chinese deals for German diagnostics firm – despite pandemic

Multimillion Euro Chinese deals for German diagnostics firm – despite pandemic

We’ve just secured sales deals in China worth several million Euros for our German lab science client DIALUNOX – with major Chinese in vitro diagnostic (IVD) companies including Ustar Biotechnology, Coyote Bioscience and iReader.

These are the latest in a record 47 deals concluded on behalf of our clients by our teams in China over the last year, despite COVID travel restrictions, lockdowns in Shanghai and China-west political tensions.

DIALUNOX develops advanced technologies for medical diagnostics, agricultural analysis and environmental testing. Providing portable instruments for point-of-need use, the company concentrates on components for fluorescence-based diagnostic instruments in China.

Working with DIALUNOX since late 2020, our Shanghai team firstly helped our client to revitalise a stalled relationship with Chinese customer Coyote Bioscience and unlock significant new revenues there.

We then undertook market analysis to reassess DIALUNOX’s target customers in China, leading to a shift in focus from immunology to molecular diagnostics instrument manufacturers.

Based on this, we identified 50 target Chinese companies which were new to DIALUNOX and have since been engaging these prospects, giving product demonstrations and pursuing sales opportunities.

This has secured Ustar Biotechnology – a Chinese leader in PCR instruments – as a customer for DIALUNOX, with a contract worth a seven-figure Euro sum.

We’ve also obtained sales worth more than €500,000 for DIALUNOX with several other major Chinese companies including iReader.

Christian Fischer-Rasokat, Head of Business Development at DIALUNOX, said: “We’d been operating in China for a while, but this was difficult to manage from a distance – especially during the pandemic – and our business in the country wasn’t growing.

“Since Intralink came on board, this has changed dramatically. They’ve helped us revive an important existing customer relationship and win us significant new business deals – and all without our having made a single trip to China.”

Based on this recent success, we’re continuing to pursue sales opportunities for DIALUNOX with hot prospects in China.

We’re also helping the company to develop a more advanced version of its optical diagnostic platform, which will enable us to target a broader section of the Chinese diagnostics market and open up new global opportunities.


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