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Australia deal for UK-APAC Tech Growth Programme participant

Australia deal for UK-APAC Tech Growth Programme participant

We’ve just concluded a Business Development Initiative in Australia for British satellite connectivity firm Wyld Networks – with a deal for our client with Australian environmental monitoring firm NOVECOM.
The project has been part of the UK-APAC Tech Growth Programme we’re delivering for the UK Government to help tech firms expand in Asia Pacific.
Wyld Networks’ system gathers, processes and transmits data from sensors in any environment.
Novecom will deploy Wyld’s technology in Australia to deliver Internet of Things (IoT) data using low Earth orbit satellite connectivity. The companies will start by addressing edge-case communications for a large rural water monitoring project where such satellites will deliver data outside the range of currently available networks.
“Meeting IoT needs across the majority of the earth’s surface is only possible utilising low Earth orbit satellites,” said Alastair Williamson, Wyld Networks’ CEO. “And we’re delighted to be partnering with Novecom, one of Australia’s leading IoT companies, to deliver this connectivity.”

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All credit to Foley, our partners in Australia and New Zealand, for achieving this great result for Wyld.

If you’re interested in a 10-week Business Development Initiative to help your company to break into the APAC region, find out more about our UK-APAC Tech Growth Programme and apply to join here.

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