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Southeast Asia & China expansion for Irish digital pathology firm

Southeast Asia & China expansion for Irish digital pathology firm

We’re undertaking a business expansion programme for digital pathology specialist Diagnexia – across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and China.

This follows our long-standing work for Diagnexia’s parent company, Deciphex, to sell its AI-enabled pathology services in Japan.

Dublin-based Diagnexia’s digital platform provides fast-track primary diagnoses and secondary consultations through an international network of expert pathologists, significantly reducing the time from specimen accessioning to reporting.

The company is on a global expansion drive and has tasked us to help grow its presence in Southeast Asia and China.

Diagnexia is keen to explore the potential of Southeast Asia because it has a thriving medical tourism industry, combined with a shortage of pathologists. By using Diagnexia’s digital platform, Southeast Asian hospitals can get expert opinions for their patients without sending them long distances to see specialist consultants.

While digital pathology is a hot topic in Southeast Asia’s healthcare sector, it’s in its infancy in terms of infrastructure and regulatory guidelines and presents promising commercial opportunities for Diagnexia.

Our team is approaching influential contacts in the public and private health sectors in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Jakarta. We’re analysing the locations’ regulatory systems, market entry hurdles and demand for digital pathology services, and identifying the most effective approaches for our client.

Meanwhile, in China, the government is heavily promoting digital pathology to combat the scarcity of specialists in remote parts of the country. For example, it has instructed tertiary hospitals to work with smaller healthcare providers to treat people in rural locations.

Despite competition from some strong Chinese digital pathology companies, there are substantial opportunities for international players like Diagnexia with strengths in sought-after clinical subspecialities.

Our Shanghai team is talking to stakeholders in China’s healthcare sector to analyse the market, concentrating on opportunities for Diagnexia to work with private hospitals to deliver expert secondary consultations.

Chris Polley, International Partner Manager at Diagnexia, said: “We’re working to expand internationally, with Southeast Asia and China standing out as promising areas to explore. At the same time, we recognise these are diverse, complex markets and we need specialised support to prioritise where to expend our energies and how to make it work.

“Intralink’s teams in Asia are invaluable in this respect. They’re well connected in the region’s life sciences sector and in a great position to help us understand where the greatest demand for our services lies and the best business model to adopt in each location.”


To discuss the opportunities for your medtech or life sciences business in Asia, get in touch with Graham Barker at

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