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Government publishes our analysis of Korean AI opportunities – download here

Government publishes our analysis of Korean AI opportunities – download here

We’ve completed a detailed analysis of Korea’s booming artificial intelligence (AI) sector and the opportunities for western business. This was an assignment for the UK’s Department of International Trade (DIT), which has now published our report. You can download it for free from the DIT web site by clicking the cover image below.

The analysis builds on our experience of helping western companies target East Asia’s AI-related markets. This work has included helping Maluuba license its natural language recognition platform in China and enabling IoT analytics company Mnubo to open its Japanese operation, as well as representing AI and predictive analytics firms SpaceTime Insight, Tendril and Bidgely in Asia. We’re also currently helping US firm Sentient Technologies - a specialist in evolutionary computation and neuroevolution - to expand its business in Korea.

Our DIT report explains Korea’s AI ecosystem, areas of strength and main players. It examines the opportunities for western businesses – particularly in the fields of autonomous vehicles, digital healthcare and AI-based financial services. It gives advice for companies planning to enter the Korean artificial intelligence market. 

The report begins:

South Korea’s tech industry, led by its consumer electronics giants Samsung and LG, has been experimenting with AI since the 1990s — with mixed commercial results.

However, a sense of urgency took hold in 2016 when AlphaGo, an AI programme developed by UK-based DeepMind Technologies, defeated Korean national Lee Sae-Dol at the traditional Chinese board game of Go in Seoul. This event captivated the nation and led to an explosion of interest in AI, with the government scrambling to set up research institutes and outline a national AI strategy, while private companies established or greatly expanded their … 


Click the cover image to download the full report from the DIT web site. 
If we can help you target the AI market in Korea, China or Japan, get in touch with Michal Waszkiewicz.

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