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Partner signed to help global lab informatics leader expand in China

Partner signed to help global lab informatics leader expand in China

We’ve secured an important partnership – with Chinese digital transformation specialist TRI-I Biotech – to help global enterprise informatics company STARLIMS to expand its footprint in China.

STARLIMS is a Florida-headquartered provider of powerful laboratory informatics platforms which help companies get products to market faster. It was established in 1986 and, having since grown into a global business, was recently acquired by private equity firm Francisco Partners.

STARLIMS serves pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, food and beverage, chemical, agrochemical, oil and gas, consumer goods, public health, clinical diagnostics and contract development manufacturing organisations (CDMOs).

Having been active in China for more than two decades, the company wanted to extend its reach further in this rapidly growing market. So, it called us in to help.

Our Shanghai team’s first tasks were to undertake an in-depth analysis of STARLIMS’ opportunities in China and to recommend the best market expansion approach. We concluded that the most effective way forward was for STARLIMS to work in partnership with an established Chinese company in its field.

We went on to evaluate and rank candidates, ultimately identifying TRI-I Biotech as the most suitable.

Established in 2008, TRI-I is a specialist in laboratory systems and digital transformation, supporting Chinese customers in the pharmaceutical, chemical and material science industries.

We introduced STARLIMS to TRI-I, helped to nurture a positive relationship between the two companies and facilitated a mutually-beneficial partnership. This will now enable TRI-I to offer a much more comprehensive solution to its customers.

Gregory Emmert, Commercial Director of Global Channels at STARLIMS, said: "We’re excited about our collaboration with TRI-I. And Intralink has played a pivotal role in making it happen.

“The partnership will help us serve our customers in China and further promote our business expansion in the country. We look forward to taking big steps forward with our China presence.”


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