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'Decoding Asian Business Cultures' webinar

'Decoding Asian Business Cultures' webinar

On July 15 2021, we held our 'Decoding Asian Business Cultures' webinar and it was a resounding success with a great turnout and a lively Q&A. 

Each of our speakers provided informative insights into how to navigate the region’s lesser-known cultural quirks to do business successfully in China, Japan and Korea. For example, did you know that: 

  • ... in China, WeChat has replaced email? And that knowing what generation your customer belongs to will help you predict their negotiating style?
  • … in Japan, trust and relationships are vital? And you need to do your homework: writing your slides in the taxi to the meeting could be a big mistake
  • … and in South Korea, following formal protocols that recognise the seniority of your customer contacts may be vital to sealing the deal?

If you missed the session, you can catch up with the recording now.

You’re still welcome to send in any comments or questions that strike you from watching the session: 

Stay tuned for our next Asia Business Connect event. Keep an eye on for updates.

Michal Waszkiewicz
About the Author

Michal Waszkiewicz

Michal is Intralink's VP, Marketing. He's based in the UK and, on top of managing our group marketing activites, he works with western scaleups to develop and implement growth strategies across Asia. He lived in Seoul from 2008 to 2017 where he worked extensively in the media tech space with the top Korean brands and ad agencies. He also has experience running sales programmes in areas including energy, electronics, enterprise software and retail. Michal is a double Masters degree holder: in Korean Philology and in International Business and Marketing.

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