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Since our establishment in 1990, we’ve worked with over 1000 companies across a wide range of sectors to develop opportunities in East Asia. Here's what they say about us.

We appointed Intralink to help us grow sales in China, South Korea and Japan. We are now able to access teams that we were totally blocked from in the past through Intralink’s local talent bridging the divide.

Mohammad Musa


Having done small amounts of business in China for a few years, we engaged Intralink to seek a lead distributor and help with a strategy to fully harness the opportunity of the market. They were successful in providing a number of targets and, following a supported market visit, we selected a Beijing based company. Once the new partner was identified we continued to work with Intralink who helped us in getting to a contract and subsequent operational and product set-up.

We could not have gone to this stage without Intralink and the support they provide at all levels, including of course language and culture but also solid business advice, and I highly recommend their services.

Richard Whalley

Managing Director

Intralink has been instrumental in helping KAL build a powerful presence in Japan for Automated Teller Machine (ATM) software. Their keen sense of business customs and local culture, coupled with an incredible capacity for understanding what is a niche sector in such a short time, has been absolutely invaluable to us as we successfully entered the Japanese market. We are very pleased with Intralink's work and will continue to make use of their services in the future.

Aravinda Korala


By working with Intralink, we successfully concluded licence agreements with Canon, Seiko Epson, Komatsu and Samsung.

Tim Pohlmann


Korea is a vital market for us and we need the right expertise to accelerate our market launch of Ascend in the region. We appointed Intralink because of its long track record of launching disruptive, revenue generating technology products into Asian markets, and its ability to reach into key prospects and partners at the highest levels. With Intralink’s powerful brand recognition and strong customer relationships we are on the right trajectory for significant growth in Korea.

Jonathan Epstein

Senior Vice President of International

Japan is a key market for us outside of Europe and Intralink was instrumental in helping us to understand the market and consumer’s needs. The Intralink team worked closely with Avira to develop the business plan, get board approval, establish our subsidiary and set up all aspects of the operation. We set a release date of the Japanese version of our security software, and with strong project management from the Intralink team, we kept things on track and enjoyed a successful launch with wide local media coverage. Intralink highlighted issues unique to Japan which needed specific care and attention, strengthening the success we are now experiencing. I would be happy to recommend them for companies looking to enter the Japanese market.

Travis Witteveen

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

For entry into the Chinese market, look before you leap. Use Intralink as your binoculars. They are both commercially and culturally astute, and most importantly they are there. We turned to Intralink to help source an in-country distribution partner for the Chinese market having previously struggled to make any progress over an 18 month period. Six months later the partner has been sourced, negotiations completed, contracts signed, deal done.

Mark McCusker


Intralink provided IDBS with excellent service during our time working together. They were professional, efficient and always responsive and supportive to our needs. Their expertise and understanding of our business needs combined with with their local knowledge and language skills, made them an excellent partner to work with.

Jon Waterman-Smith

Sales Director APAC

We made tremendous progress with Intralink and this would not have been possible without the efforts of their China team. Their preparation and professionalism was reflected in all aspects of our meetings with potential customers and partners.

Abe Eshkenazi


Brilliant job as always! The market insight, cultural understanding and language skills Intralink offer have helped us increase Eggplant’s reach and sales in China and Japan. We look forward to further growth as we continue to promote the Eggplant product range in both regions.

George Mackintosh


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