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Delivering the green transition

As a major focus for our core business, we help innovative greentech companies expand their global presence – by securing overseas customers and attracting investment – to make the world a more sustainable place.

Especially in Asia, a combination of market size, environmental and societal challenges, forward-thinking governmental policies and large corporates' appetite for innovation make it a hugely attractive destination for greentech expansion.

We are also working with large Asian corporates to help direct their massive resources toward addressing climate change.

In a 2022 report we produced for JETRO (Japan External Trade Organisation), we discovered that sustainability remains the strongest cross-industry focus for Japanese corporates. In fact, almost two thirds of Japanese innovation offices are searching for ways to improve sustainability by collaborating with startups and by embracing new technologies.

Meet our clients whose technology and innovation initiatives are having a global impact below!

Delivering the green transition

Greentech startups


Featured insights

NextRise 2023: sustainability innovation in Asia

Watch the video highlight of our Korea team exhibiting at NextRise 2023 in Seoul – one of Asia's premier innovation events with a focus on sustainability. They were there to discuss western tech firms’ prospects in Asia, to explore opportunities for Asian corporations to collaborate with international startups and to see the latest trends in the Asian tech market. 

Q&A: corporate sustainability in Japan

Our Tokyo-based Head of Government Services, Richard Lyle, spoke to The Japan Times about how Japanese corporates are looking to Europe for leadership on greentech, opening valuable commercial opportunities for western innovators.

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