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Asia’s medtech & life science trade shows: no reason to miss out

Asia’s medtech & life science trade shows: no reason to miss out

Trade shows are part of a staple diet for promoting your medical products and engaging customers and partners, as well as understanding what’s going on in your industry - especially when you’re expanding into a new region. 

While our China, Japan and Korea-based Medtech & Life Science team members normally attend dozens of Asian events with our western clients every year, COVID-19 is making international travel difficult-to-impossible right now. But even though you can’t get there, you may have heard we launched a new ‘Surrogate Exhibitor’ service last week, through which we can attend on your behalf.

Vital focus

With Asia making a good recovery from COVID-19, its trade shows are starting up again and are a vital focus for western life sciences firms wanting to do business in the region.

While many spring and summer events were undoubtedly disrupted, some moved to being run virtually - such as BioKorea, which was held online in May. 

Others were pushed back, such as the CACLP in vitro diagnostics expo in Nanchang, China. It was originally set for March but will now run from 3 to 5 July -- and we’ll be delivering our Surrogate Exhibitor service for German life sciences network DiagnostikNet there, representing several of its members.

In fact, the calendar of Asia’s physical trade shows is swiftly returning to normal.  

  • In China and Korea, physical trade shows are starting this month and the schedule should be largely on track by July 
  • Japan’s trade shows will be up and running again from October – and most traditionally summer-run shows had been moved until later in the year in any case because of the Olympics

Upcoming medical events 

These are the major upcoming medical, diagnostics and life science shows running in East Asia during the second half of this year:


  • CACLP (China Association for Clinical Laboratory Practice) Expo, Nanchang, 3-5 July
  • Medtec China, Shanghai, 14-16 September 
  • CSCO (China Clinical Oncology), Xiamen, 16-20 September
  • CMEF (China Medical Equipment Fair), Shanghai, 19-22 October 
  • ICG (BGI Genomics Conference), Wuhan, 26-31 October
  • CPhI China, Shanghai, 16-18 December 

South Korea:


Any here at which you feel you ought to be represented?

Being there for you

So, even though you can’t fly over to Asia this year, there’s no reason to forego the region’s important medtech and life science events and lose business to your Asian competitors.

Our in-country teams can be there for you – running your booth or attending as a visitor to get you customer leads. 


Email me at if you’d be interested in discussing how this could work for you. 

Sol Bergen-Bartel
About the Author

Sol Bergen-Bartel

Sol has worked in and with businesses in Asia for 18 years and leads Intralink’s Medical & Life Science business development work in North America. He has a degree in molecular biology from the University of Virginia and spent 10 years based in Intralink’s Shanghai office including as VP of Operations. Sol has driven Asia expansion for companies across life sciences, diagnostics, medtech, semiconductors, renewables and other industries, closing deals and forming partnerships in China, Japan and South Korea. He is fluent in Mandarin and based in our Boston office.

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