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State of South Carolina drives Virtual Trade Mission in Asia

State of South Carolina drives Virtual Trade Mission in Asia

The US State of South Carolina has appointed us to help deliver a Virtual Trade Mission programme – to continue attracting investment from East Asia while travel to the region isn’t possible.

Determined not to let the coronavirus pandemic hamper its FDI activities, the State has asked us to help target corporations across all the major East Asian economies: China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

Our primary focus will be on the automotive, advanced materials and composites, aerospace, agribusiness and life sciences sectors.

This builds on our close, five-year relationship with South Carolina’s Department of Commerce – with a new, virtual approach jointly developed with the Department to address the COVID-19 international travel restrictions.

We’ll be working together to deliver a range of activities to build links between Asian corporations and the US State and to identify investment opportunities. These will include:

  • promotional events co-organised with selective industry associations;
  • roundtable seminars with companies from targeted industrial clusters, science parks, incubators and accelerators;
  • virtual meetings with existing investors, potential investors and multipliers.

Amy Thomson, South Carolina’s Director of International Strategy & Trade, said  “While travel to Asia is more challenging with COVID-19, we aren’t going to let that reroute our commitment to attracting investment to our State. We have a long-standing relationship with Intralink, and their Virtual Trade Mission approach makes a great deal of sense in the current environment.

“I’m having highly productive virtual planning meetings with Intralink’s teams on the ground in Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul and Taipei, with exciting activities rapidly taking shape for the months to come.”

Our previous work for South Carolina has spanned FDI lead generation and retention missions, matchmaking, trade shows, delegation briefings plus serving as a liaison with the Council of American States in Japan, the Association of American State Offices in Korea, SelectUSA, USCS, AmCham and other multipliers.

We launched our Virtual Trade Mission service last month to help North American and European government bodies and economic development organisations to boost trade links for their local businesses and attract FDI despite coronavirus travel barriers.

If you’d like to discuss how our Virtual Trade Mission could work for your region, please contact:

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