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Asia ‘Virtual Trade Missions’ launched for economic development organisations

Asia ‘Virtual Trade Missions’ launched for economic development organisations

We’ve introduced a ‘Virtual Trade Mission’ service to help North American and European government departments and economic development organisations (EDOs) boost their Asian trade links – despite COVID-19 travel restrictions.

A large part of our work for western government bodies and EDOs has traditionally involved advising firms in their regions on opportunities in China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, and facilitating trade visits to help them achieve partnerships and export deals.

We’ve also run FDI programmes to attract East Asian investment into regions of North America and Europe.

But with coronavirus restrictions now preventing international travel, we’ve launched a virtual version of our services.

Our new ‘Virtual Trade Mission’ package includes:

  • webinars in which our specialists in East Asia explain the fastest-growing export markets, and opportunities to attract Asian investors
  • intelligence reports to provide greater insight into East Asian markets
  • virtual matchmaking – one-to-one video meetings with East Asian corporations which could become customers, partners or investors
  • follow-up support from our teams in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan to take initial discussions with Asian corporations or investors through to signed deals and beyond

These services can also be combined with our recently-launched Surrogate Exhibitor service, through which our specialists are attending East Asian trade shows on behalf of western companies and governments.

The great news is we’re finding the inability of western companies to travel is posing no barriers to brokering deals in the region, with virtual discussions effectively backed up by our teams on the ground.

And East Asia’s markets, as they rebound from COVID-19, are currently amongst the most attractive in the world – with China, for example, reporting second quarter year-on-year growth of 3.2%.

If you’d like to discuss how our Virtual Trade Mission could work for your region, please contact:

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