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Intralink is 30!

Intralink is 30!

We’re proud to be marking our 30th birthday!

For the past three decades, we’ve been helping western companies to expand in East Asia, Asian corporates to collaborate with western innovation partners, and governments to grow their exports and attract foreign investment.

The commercial world, and business links between Asia and the west, have evolved dramatically over this time.

Our company has also changed beyond recognition, growing from our founder and chairman, James Lawson, working alone in a small home office (but with big ambitions!), to 90 employees and 12 international offices. Through all the highs and lows, the breakthroughs and the setbacks, we’ve never stopped learning nor relishing the adventure.

COVID-19 has undoubtedly made 2020 a year of extraordinary disruption and uncertainty for everyone. But reflecting on the last three decades has reminded me that we’ve all battled our way through other major crises and come out stronger.

History shows that difficulties pass, and how capable we all are at adapting. The coronavirus crisis is already proving no exception, with East Asia’s economies largely back to business and so many of our clients continuing to do exceptionally well in the region.

But above all, in looking back over the last 30 years, what I’d most like to do is recognise the extraordinary efforts of our people and clients.

I’m grateful to all our dedicated employees whose skill, passion and commitment are the engine of our business, alongside whom we’ve worked hard, played hard, learnt and grown.

I’d also like to thank all our clients, partners and other friends for your support and commitment, and for sharing the great adventure of international growth - whether you’ve known us for the last three decades or just the last three weeks!

To mark the occasion, we’ve gone through our archives and dug out some photos from the past 30 years. James Lawson has also shared his memories with us in his '30-year retrospective'.

It’s fascinating to look back – but even more important to look forward. So here’s to continuing our work together over the next 30 years, and to the new adventures they’ll undoubtedly bring.

Best wishes,

Greg Sutch




Gregory  Sutch
About the Author

Gregory Sutch

CEO of Intralink, Greg joined the company in 1996, having previously been employed in local government in Japan and a marketing role for Japan Airlines. Fluent in Japanese and now based in the UK, he lived and worked in China and Japan for 15 years - having been instrumental in the set up and direction of our operations in these markets, as well as in Korea and Taiwan.

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