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China offers great potential for western firms now it’s opened up again – but it’s a very different market from pre-pandemic days and needs a new, carefully planned approach.

Established in Shanghai in 2001, Intralink China has been at the forefront of developing opportunities in China for 20 years. During that time, we have worked with more than 500 companies from across a range of sectors to sell, license, manufacture and invest in the country. 

Through our experience and contacts in key sectors such as automotive, energy, medtech, semiconductors, consumer electronics and telecoms, our in-country team of over 20 full-time staff has helped many companies research, develop and execute their go-to-market strategies. We will guide you through the commercial, cultural and regulatory complexities and play a hands-on role in delivering your success in the market.

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Rethinking China series

See the latest insights from our China specialists on how to succeed in the post-pandemic market on our Rethinking China blog …

"You did an amazing job of learning and presenting the technology – I can think of former colleagues who didn’t understand it as well! Most importantly, thank you for protecting us from the baijiu without offending our partners!"

Phil Goodier – CEO, Plaxica Limited

Client stories

Technology:On-chip debug and analytics IP
Targets:Semiconductor manufacturers & design houses
Result:Licensing deal with China's largest semiconductor firm, HiSilicon

UltraSoc needed immediate sales presence on the ground to capture the growing opportunity in China for its on-chip debug tools. 

Intralink targeted major players who were either developing highly complex chips or working on RISC-V core-based designs. Targets included HiSilicon, Spreadtrum, Phytium, MediaTek, Realtek, Sanechips, and Horizon Robotics - companies that UltraSoc had yet to engage with. 

This direct sales approach resulted in successful licensing deals, including HiSilicon, and formed the basis for Ultrasoc to establish its own entity in the territory. 

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On-chip debug

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"We made tremendous progress which would not have been possible without Intralink's China team."

Abe Eshkenazi – CEO, APICS

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