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Since our establishment in 1990, we’ve worked with more than 1,500 companies across a wide range of sectors to develop opportunities overseas. Here's what they say about us.

A big thank you for the enormous support that we have received from the Intralink team in China and Japan.

Ted Hof

Head of Sales, Kathrein Asia Pacific

We chose Intralink to develop our business in Japan because of their unique ‘surrogate’ model, which gave us an immediate presence on the ground, a strong and experienced BD team, and complete flexibility and control. When we first started 4 years ago there literally was no market for femtocells anywhere in the world, let alone Japan. Intralink helped us nurture leading prospects, articulate the femtocell value proposition, and navigate the complex path from MOU through to deal closure. We have now secured the world’s first femtocell deployment with Softbank and this has underpinned the development of our whole business both in Japan and globally.

Richard Staveley

VP Global Sales

Despite JDSU having a long term presence and an experienced team in Japan, Intralink were able to contribute to and complement our own coverage resulting in quick success.

Peter Hogewoning


If you ever need to start or expand your business in Japan and need some help - give Intralink a call. Their unique blend of commercial capability, linguistic and cultural skills and wide contact network allows businesses to make substantially more progress more quickly in Japan - they certainly did for us.

Mark Sykes

Director New Partners

We appointed Intralink to support Sigfox business development activities in Japan with the objective of identifying and selecting a Sigfox Network Operator partner. Over 18 months we have been working closely, almost daily, with the Intralink team carrying out due diligence activities, field testing support, go-to-market discussions and commercial negotiations. We are extremely pleased to have completed successfully this undertaking with the appointment of Kyocera Communications Systems as the exclusive Sigfox Network Operator in Japan.

It has been a pleasure to work with the Intralink team, which has been extremely professional, experienced, and well rounded to do business in Japan as well as being great communicators (English and Japanese). The project team was well resourced with strong and hands on committed individuals supporting the engagement on a broad range of subjects including legal, regulatory, technical, operational or commercial matters. Last the Intralink team was always extremely responsive, flexible and proactive in allocating resources and managing priorities efficiently to support this extremely demanding engagement. We always saw the Intralink team as an integral extension of our team allowing an efficient support in Japan during the course of this long engagement.

We certainly warmly recommend Intralink to ICT companies looking for assistance to enter the Japan market, before recruiting a local team.

Marc Olivier

VP Operators & Networks, APAC

Intralink was a key ingredient for entering the Chinese market. They are a team of top professionals and thanks to their intimate knowledge of the space, they were able to quickly understand both the product and target market. They undertook the work in a proactive, focused and timely manner and were a pleasure to work with.

Joan Raventos


Intralink’s China team delivered us the right contacts at the companies we’ve been trying to meet for years. Their devotion to understanding our technology was key, and we were provided with excellent documentation for each meeting and given a deep insight into the market. From day one, Intralink was ready to work as an extension of our team.

Henney Oh


Intralink has been instrumental in driving business value, quickly positioning us as leaders in Japan’s high-tech industry. We’re looking forward to continuing our work with them as we rapidly expand and strengthen our presence in Japan.

Frederic Bastien


You have a very strong team in Korea. Professional and Passionate. The ability to quickly understand innovative technology and articulate the engagement plan with our Korean customers and partners. Thank you.

Eric Sele


Intralink's local teams are the ideal solution for the business development needs of a company like ours that is relatively new to the Asian markets. They were quick to understand our technology, were extremely professional and thorough, and provided introductions at the right level of seniority within properly qualified targets. But they are not just door openers – within a short space of time they facilitated the securing of a significant deal which we believe will underpin the growth of our business both in Asia and the global market.

Denis Bidinost


Firstly, Intralink enabled us to have an immediate physical presence in Korea, at exactly the time we needed it. In less than a week we had started sales activities, and this proactivity and flexibility was a clear demonstration of the commitment of the team. I particularly appreciate Intralink's methodology and consistency: an initial learning phase followed by a three month report and regular conference calls. Every meeting is precisely documented and next steps are consistently proposed. This allowed us to be in control of the sales process right from the beginning.

One unique strength of Intralink lies in their people: an in-depth understanding of Korean culture and a highly proactive attitude. Working as a team means they have many years combined experience of the Asian markets enabling us to analyze precisely the status of each opportunity and define next steps accordingly. All in all, Intralink supports and drives our sales activities with high ethics and commitment, from lead generation right through to deal closure.

Claude Seyrat

VP Marketing & Strategy

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